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Apostille and Legalization

In today's world a man has virtually no restrictions. If you prefer you can go to study abroad, go for vacation or work in other countries or you can take your business to the international level and make transactions with foreign partners. But in order to be able to do any of this, you must have valid documents and produce them to the appropriate authorities of the country of your destination.

Our translation agency provides services for Apostillization and legalization of documents. Both procedures ensure notarization of documents and make them legal in other countries.

Legalization enables documents issued in one country to become valid and legal in another country. Legalization makes it possible to authenticate signatures, stamps and seals, power, etc.

However legalization is not required in some cases. If the country where you need to submit documents to and Russia have signed an agreement abolishing the requirement for legalization of documents, the legalization is not required. It can be added that in case there is a bilateral treaty you will only need a notarized document translated into another language.

Legalization is also not required if the format and character of the document make legalization impossible. Also, legalization is not required if the organization where you submit documents to does not ask for it.

There is a list of documents which are not subject to legalization or Apostillization, such as: copies and originals of employment record books and pension cards, passports, military and union cards, driving licenses and ID's, letters of recommendation, as well as documents proving involvement in confessions or estates.

There are two types of legalization – consular legalization and Apostille.

Apostille is a special stamp affixed to official documents of noncommercial nature to give them legal force in countries which are signatories to the October 5, 1961 Hague Convention. Russia joined the 1961 Hague Convention in 1992, which made it easier for Russian residents to go through the process of legalization of documents to be submitted to other countries-signatories to the Convention. Apostille stamp can be affixed only by authorized agencies of Russia, following which any other legalization of documents is not required, because this stamp is recognized by all countries-signatories to the 1961 Hague Convention.

Apostille is a square with 9 cm sides containing the name of the state and city, where the Apostille was issued, the name and title of the person who signed the document certified by the Apostille, organization whose stamp affirms the document to be affixed, date of the Apostille and its number and the name of the authority, its seal and signature of the official who affixed the Apostille.

Apostille is filled out in one of the official languages of the Hague Convention - English or French and in the language of the country where this stamp was affixed.

You can submit documents for legalization to our agency. Authorized employees will affix an Apostille stamp to a vacant space on the document, its reverse side or on a separate sheet. In the latter case sheets of the document and a stamped sheet will be numbered and bound with thread, a special ribbon or cord. The place of binding on the last page of the document will be sealed with a special star-shaped sticker which will be stamped. The individual affixing an Apostille shall affirm the number of sheets in the document with his/her signature. You can submit such a document to the authorities and organizations of any of the signatory countries of the Hague Convention.

Not all the documents fall under the category of documents to which the Convention applies. Among such documents are administrative documents relating to customs or other commercial transactions, as well as documents executed by diplomatic or consular agents.

Our agency is authorized to affix Apostille, so you can submit documentation and promptly complete the legalization procedure. If you need an Apostille on your documents for travelling abroad, our team will assist you with correct translation of legal documents and legalization by Apostillization. Our translation agency employees are committed to their work, so they can guarantee all our clients efficiency, accuracy and legal literacy of documents to be translated and affixed with Apostille.