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Printing imposition

Proper appearance of textual content, forming of publication pages or advertising printed products is called imposition. Quality of imposition is not always noticeable at first glance but fully felt by the readers when they read the printed material. Imposition allows you to structure the content, make it the most readable, enjoyable and comfortable.

Professional imposer performing this process must have the knowledge about the text formatting rules and all-Union State Standard requirements. Imposer should have artistic taste, attentiveness, literacy and rich experience of such work. It is also necessary for them to know the modern printing technologies of imposition because quality of later printing depends on their work.

Imposition of printed materials is often underestimated and such an important stage of the preparation of printing materials is neglected. However the lack of competent imposition of printed materials leads to a distortion of the content perception, even if it is accompanied by excellent design and appearance.

Professional imposition is indispensable part of preparation of advertising printing materials because their priority is not the semantic content as, for example, in books, but overall flawless appearance. Imposition of catalogs, brochures, flyers and other promotional items helps to build the graphics and text blocks, make the content as structured, attractive and comfortable for your reference as possible.

Imposition is needed in preparation of books and magazines for the printing. Even the most interesting book can be almost unreadable if imposed unprofessionally. Books that were not imposed are very difficult to understand and can irritate the reader by the presence of different spaces between letters and lines, incorrect use of hyphenation and other inaccuracies which can be distinguished even by the amateur’s eye.

Imposition is necessary for periodicals such as magazines. Currently running your own magazine can be a profitable business but this market offers serious competition. In order to make a particular edition to gain wide popularity and stay in business its owner must pay particular attention to the imposition quality of the magazine and attract highly skilled professionals to the implementation of this process.

Along with the imposition of advertising printed products, magazines and books, there is more complicated imposition of manuals and printed materials with complex charts, tables, graphs, formulas and other items that require special attention of imposers.

In order to make printing materials accurate, correct, provide them with well-designed contents and make a good impression on the reader it is reasonably to trust the real experts when it comes to the imposition of printed materials.