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Flash design

Flash-design is a modern, popular and most effective technology that is used to create media advertising. Flash design enables experts to develop dynamic animations that can attract the attention of potential customers.

Skillfully designed flash animation perfectly solves any promotional tasks. First of all promotional materials created by professionals in flash have an original design and interesting content and attract attention of Internet users. Due to the dynamics flash movies are very rich in content and therefore most able to fully represent the advertised goods or services.

Flash design is widely used to create flash banners, interactive greeting cards and presentations.

Flash Banners

Flash banners are advertising materials containing information about products or services with reference to a resource where they are presented. Such banners are placed at various sites on the Internet. The most common size for the flash banners is 88x31 (Button) pixels, 100x100, 120x60 and 468x60 pixels.

Banner advertising is an extremely effective tool but only if true professionals have worked on its design.

Flash Cards

Interactive cards made in flash can be both of a promotional nature and simply being presented for the holidays. Professionally designed, animated, colorful flash cards are a great gift which allows different kinds of information to be presented in an interesting way. For example, flash card can be sent via e-mail to your clients, you can congratulate them on holiday and unobtrusively remind them about your company and products.

Flash presentations

Flash presentations allow you to represent any goods or services more fully because the information is presented through audio and visual range in a dynamic form which is more valuable. When you create flash presentations they can include video, 3d graphics, still images, animation, and interesting sounds.

Flash presentations used at conferences, exhibitions and they can be placed on websites or forums.