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Design studio

Design: an intelligent and skilful way of the arrangement or representation of something that makes viewer interested and evokes a feeling of involvement and ultimately - the desire to act (to achieve, fight, leave, etc.) - "Modern Dictionary of Management"

More than five centuries ago the skill of great designers largely depended on their genius. The great Leonardo Da Vinci used camera obscura in order to project a picture onto the canvas and edit it directly in the process of sketching.

Today, the genius has a chance to get lost in the abundance of digital technology, special programs for image processing and a huge number of techniques and studios that work with images. It may seem that we live in an era of design geeks. But it is not true.

Geniuses of design are needed. Not to themselves, not to an abstract "world" but to every living and acting organization which wants to communicate with its business environment not only by means of text but also with competent and effective design.

Navigator Translation Company always creates a design that way. In all the works with “communication by arranging the pictures” - from logo design and placement of text information on a sheet; from image capture and graphics rendering to putting all of this together and more in the corporate identity of the customer. We also offer production of comprehensive layouts which are fully prepared for printing reproduction.

We can create masterpieces of the “Mona Lisa” level (in the same terms for the same money). Geniuses of industrial design of  Navigator Translation Company get the job well done hundreds of times faster and for much less reward.