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Editing and proofreading

An integral part of the specialists working in our translation company is editing and proofreading. Our editors check the quality of our employees and also translations done by other companies, if necessary they can give an expert evaluation of any translation.

Our proofreading experts, in addition to impeccable proficiency in languages have a special and higher education in other areas, so that our customers do not have to worry neither about the quality of the translation nor the accuracy of the content of the translated texts.

Working with difficult technical texts and drawings as well as materials which content concerns narrow areas we attract the best professionals who are able to do translation of the materials in the best way and completely eliminate the possibility of mistakes.

Working with literary texts the professionals of our company would make the material to be most artistic, keep the logic of presentation, eliminate the stylistic roughness and make the text accessible to the reader as close as possible to the original.

The work of our proofreading and editing experts is careful reading of texts, correcting grammar, spelling and punctuation errors as well as correcting stylistic inaccuracies. Exactly editors and proofreaders are able to make the text readable, understandable and most grammatically correct, which facilitate the perception of the material for the future readers. Editing and proofreading also concerns the process of eliminating of mistakes associated with the special terminology.

If you order editing and proofreading of translation that has been done by other specialists and in case our editors would find unacceptable number of errors or inaccuracies, you can order a new translation in our company editing and proofreading of which would not require additional cost and would be included in the price.

The specialists of our translation company have maintained the quality of their work at the highest level so our customers have no need to double-check the translations done by our company somewhere else.