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Large Format Printing

Large format printing is the most widespread and appropriate means of making large format outdoor advertising. Large format printing technology allows application of high-quality images on various materials such as: film, banners, mesh, adhesive film, paper and more. This type of printing is carried out through special large-format plotter which allows printing of images on the large format materials.

Large format printing is used to create outdoor advertising as well as for interior decoration.

Outdoor advertising is one of the most effective ways of demonstrating the various goods or services as well as the way to create a company’s image which is why it in demand and successfully used to solve marketing tasks. Bright and original ads attract attention and stay in the memory of consumers for a long time. Our company provides outdoor advertising through large format printing. We use modern printers and other equipment in order to make your ads look the most profitable and attractive and therefore to solve the tasks assigned to it.

In addition to the production of outdoor advertising our company offers printing for interior decoration. Interior large format printing allows you to create unique designs for any interior: stores, offices or apartments. High-quality and professionally designed by our company wide format printing such as posters, exhibits, banners and much more can decorate, transform or create a stylish and unique interior design in any room.

Outdoor large format printing is different in its characteristics than the interior one. Images of outdoor advertising may have a low resolution because they are perceived from a greater distance. Resolution of interior large format printing should be higher. Our experts take into account these specific features of perception of printed material so large format printing produced in our company meets the highest requirements.

Large format printing made by our professionals creates a unique and unforgettable image of your company. It will help to introduce products and services in the most profitable way as well as to successfully emphasize the dignity of any interior.