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Digital Printing

Digital printing is one of the most popular and sought after modern methods of production of printed products. Digital printing allows you to create high-quality printing materials to handle tight deadlines. Saving time is ensured by the fact that digital printing does not require prepress processes which entail considerable time and costs that occur in offset printing.

The lack of this complex and expensive process of prepress operations helps not only to significantly save time but also money. That is why the cost of a single copy of printing materials remains fixed and does not depend on the number of printed copies. The most profitable and efficient use of digital printing technology is to print small numbers of copies.

Digital printing is done directly through the computer so it is possible to control the production of printed products and changes to the layout after printing even of a single copy. Through digital printing you can personalize or number prints for example in the production of passes, diplomas, invitations and other materials.

With digital printing technologies it is possible to produce business cards, pamphlets, passes, calendars, letterheads and much more. Digital printing technology makes it possible to apply images on various kinds of designer paper which makes printing products produced in this way more attractive and original.

Our company's experts are familiar with modern technology and the most effective use of all the possibilities of digital printing. We offer high quality production and printing of various printing materials through digital printing.
Advantages and disadvantages of digital printing

Advantages of digital printing:

  1. Ability to preview written material. Test print of one copy of the product makes it possible to visually assess the quality of future result and quickly make changes and thus to avoid its damage.
  2. Control of the printing process. Digital printing allows you to make changes to the data even after the printing of one copy.
  3. Lower costs for prepress preparation compared to offset printing. Digital printing is the most economical method, suitable for printing small numbers of copies.
  4. High quality and speed of printing process. Digital printing allows you to almost immediately get ready printing materials of excellent quality.
  5. Wide range of designer paper for digital printing.

Disadvantages of digital printing:

  1. Fixed cost of a single copy regardless of the number of copies. Thus, it is wise to use digital printing when printing small number of copies.
  2. The high cost of consumables used for digital printing.