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Virtually not a single business meeting, press conference, presentation, meeting or serious negotiations can dispense with participation of foreign guests and therefore services of interpreters. Highly qualified specialists of our agency can provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at any function. Confidentiality, custom-tailored approach and high level of service are mandatory attributes of our translators.

Simultaneous oral translation is performed simultaneously with the uttered speech. In this case the translator is sitting in a separate room or cabin and the speech he translates is broadcast to listeners through headphones. Simultaneous translation requires special linguistic equipment. Most often this kind of interpretation is used in meetings, international conferences, symposia, negotiations, panel discussions and other events.

Quality interpretation services require qualified simultaneous interpreters whom you can find in our translation agency. A business event involving interpreters is preceded by thorough training and familiarization with the subject of the event as well as with some written materials.

Simultaneous interpretation suggests simultaneous translation in several different languages, so this kind of interpretation is indispensable for large-scale international events. Also simultaneous interpretation excludes constrained pauses in speech, so listeners will not lose the train of thought or get distracted during these periods.

In addition to interpretation there is consecutive interpretation. This kind of interpretation is required for business events involving a small number of listeners and can dispense with rental of specialized equipment needed for simultaneous interpretation.

Consecutive interpreting is carried out after the speech during logical pauses. Such kind of interpretation is required in seminars, meetings, telephone conversations with foreign partners, court sessions, organization of training courses or seminars, when it is required to sign notarized documents that require oral reading by foreigners and in other cases.

Employees of our translation agency have extensive experience of consecutive translation. We select professionals based on the subject, format and duration of scheduled events involving interpreters, so we guarantee high quality of our services. Our experts have not only an excellent command of languages, but are also familiar with the rules of serious events and have awareness of the dress code, so they are neat, polite and intelligent.

Requesting interpreting services in our agency you will be cooperating with best professionals and will be confident in successful translation support of your event.