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Translation and web localization

Successful development of companies, business growth and access to international markets are currently carried out through Internet sites. A web-site is a representation of the company, its image in Internet, and sometimes it can be a trading platform, which is why many website owners prefer to have their web sites translated in foreign languages.

If you are interested in a successful appearance in a foreign market, profitable presentation of your company as a reliable vendor of goods or services, you need a web-site comprehensible to users speaking in other languages.

Our translation agency provides services for translation and web-site localization. Translation and localization is a set of actions aimed at creating a complete version of a web-site in a foreign language, which is not simply a translation of the text content of the site, but also translation of graphics, animation and other important elements.

Localization enables to tailor a site for a particular foreign audience, make it comprehensible and understandable. Our agency has not only professional translators capable to perform a literate written translation of a site, but designers and desktop publishers who will convert and adapt graphic elements: flash banners, buttons, menu items and much more.

One should keep in mind that any web-site must be promoted, so that potential clients and new partners could learn about it. Successful promotion of a site depends entirely on the text content of the site, as well as on such code elements invisible to visitors, but important for search engines as meta-tags, titles, descriptions of images and other things. Our specialists will optimize translated texts for specific searches and will make necessary changes to the code of a site which will greatly facilitate indexing and searching of your website for search engines popular with users abroad.

Translation and web-site localization is a challenging task whose successful completion depends on the coordination of efforts of translators, programmers, flash animators, illustrators and designers. Our translation agency works with all the above specialists, so we can guarantee not only a literate translation of your web-site but a complete creation and adaptation of its version in another language. Such a site would be understandable, interesting and comprehensible to foreign users, and you will have new clients and business partners.