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The Navigator translation bureau provides the following services for organizations and private individuals:

If you have a need for translation of technical, financial, economic, legal, medical or business documentation, advertising or journalistic materials, personal documents, websites, literary works, etc., please contact our company without hesitation. We work with more than 40 language pairs and monthly translate enormous volumes of all kinds of documentation. Thanks to the modern means of communication you can send your documents for translation and get translated versions of them via electronic communication channels.

Technical translation is the main specialization of our translation agency. Over a long period of time we have gathered a team of highly qualified translators and interpreters, many of which are engineers, scientists and experts in various fields of science and technology. Today, our customers are some well-known Russian and international companies that, being involved in high technology, telecommunications, electronics and machinery, are manufacturers and suppliers of the most modern equipment for various industries.

  • Legal translation

Organizations involved in international business as well as private individuals sometimes have a need for a legal translation (translation of treaties, contracts, constituent instruments, legal documents, legislative acts, letters of attorney, materials of criminal and civil cases, court documents, etc.). This type of translation is one of the most difficult and can be performed only by specialists having double education: linguistic and legal one. They should be familiar with all the nuances of legal terminology in both languages and should know well the peculiarities of legal systems of countries, judicial terminology of which is used in a document. Our staff includes translators who are able to translate any legal documents skillfully and accurately. We also provide notarized translation service, consular legalization and apostillization of documents.

  • Financial and economic translation

Our specialists carry out professional translations of financial and economic documents as well as business correspondence. In order not to get lost in the complex specific terms of financial and economic documents, thorough theoretical and practical knowledge in this area is needed. There are increased requirements for the quality of such translation. It has an influence on the image of your company and your foreign partners' attitude to you. Illiterate translation can result in significant financial losses. We offer you to use the experience and professionalism of the experts in financial and economic translation working for our translation bureau.

  • Medical translation

This is a very difficult kind of translation because of the complex, specific terminology requiring a deep knowledge in various fields of medicine, pharmacology and modern medical technology from a translator. The Navigator translation agency (Moscow) performs translations of medical reports, medical in-patient cards, descriptions of medicines, instruction manuals for medical devices, articles, medical books and other documentation related to medicine.

Literary translation, as no other form of translation, reflects the personality of a translator and his/her literary skill. A lot of things depend on the translator's talent, notably: whether the main idea of the work would be understandable to the reader, whether the translation could transmit the smallest nuances of the topic, its emotional peculiarities and word-play, whether the reader could understand the context, etc. The highly skilled professionals in literary translation work at our agency. We offer cooperation to publishers, authors and private individuals in the field of translating literary works with the possibility of making-up, layout design, graphic design and publication of the work.

  • Translation of personal documents

If for some reason (leaving for work and study abroad, execution of a residence permit, registration, permission to work in Russia, etc.) you need a translation of personal documents, our translators are ready to perform it carefully and precisely, without a single mistake within the shortest possible time. And if you need a notarized translation, consular legalization or apostillization of documents, we will also be happy to do it for you.

  • Translation of advertising materials

Advertising texts are created by professional copywriters. Every word, every phrase is carefully thought out, weighed and perfected. Translation of such texts requires a deep knowledge in the advertising business and literary talent. Large companies spend considerable amounts of money on creation and distribution of advertising. Therefore, any work for advertising material translation should be assigned only to talented professionals who will be able to convey the spirit, emotion, style and beauty of the original text. Our translators perform highly commendable translations of advertising texts for some major international and Russian companies. If needed, the experts of the Navigator translation bureau will make up a translated material or create a new and unique design layout for it. And then we will be glad to publish your advertising material at our print shop using the cutting-edge equipment.

  • Translation of journalistic materials

«Journalism» is a sort of works dealing with current issues and events of everyday life and society." The experts of the Navigator translation agency have considerable experience in translation of all kinds of journalistic materials whether they are in print or in electronic form: articles, news, reviews, etc. We also ready to translate and post-synch video and audio products: TV and radio broadcasts, documentaries, etc. We offer cooperation to mass media, all interested organizations and private individuals in field of translation, making-up and publication of magazines, newspapers, books and all sorts of journalistic materials.

Editing and proofreading is a compulsory stage during translation and is included in its price at our translation bureau. At this stage the most qualified experts — editors specialized in various professional fields — perform careful text reading and check the quality of translation. At the stage of making-up proofreading of texts takes place (elimination of grammar, spelling, punctuation and other mistakes). In particularly important cases, on customer's request, our specialists will perform re-editing the text or editing the text translated at another agency.

  • Full cycle from translation to printing

Every day we translate, make up and print catalogues, technical manuals, descriptions and various advertising materials. For manufacturers and suppliers of foreign products, the Navigator company offers the service of full production cycle from translation to printing.

Web-site is a kind of a company's business card and advertising platform in Internet. In order to enter the international market, find new customers and business partners, companies often face a need of translating their websites into other languages. We offer services of translation and localization of web-sites. We will translate not only the text content of your website pages, but all the graphic elements (menus, banners, flash animations, etc.). If you need to make internal optimization of the translated website according to the specific needs in a foreign language, our experts will do that too.

  • Notarized translation

If, after translation of documents issued by official authorities of any country (statutory, financial and legal documents, passports, diplomas, certificates, driving licenses, birth certificates, marriage certificates, etc.) you need a notary certification of the translator's signature, please feel free to appeal to our translation agency.

If you are going to go abroad for studying or working or make deals with foreign partners, you will have to submit all kinds of documents to the authorities of another country. The procedure which gives the documents issued in one country validity for use in another is called legalization. Legalization may be one of two kinds — consular legalization and apostille. Apostille is a simplified legalization of certain documents to be exported in one of the countries that are signatories of the 1961 Hague Convention. Our agency experts will provide services of consular legalization and apostille for documents issued by the official authorities of the Russian Federation or the USSR (at the time of its existence).

Interpreting is one of the oldest and most complex translation services. A great responsibility rests with interpreters, because they have to be accurate when it comes to conveying the sense of spoken words. Interpreter is one of the central figures in negotiations. Today, an interpreter should not only be professional in his/her business and have a representative appearance, but also be an expert in the particular professional field. We offer professional consecutive and simultaneous interpreting at events of different levels.

  • Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is interpreting of speech by portions of a few sentences during logical pauses which the speaker takes. Normally it is used at events involving a small number of people: negotiations, business meetings, presentations, press conferences, seminars, trainings, etc. We offer professional consecutive interpretation services at events of different levels.

  • Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpretation is in demand at events of international level which involve a large number of people: symposiums, conferences, congresses, etc. Such interpretation is performed simultaneously with the speech of the speaker. Simultaneous interpreters work in pairs, being in a separate room and using special equipment. We offer professional simultaneous interpretation for events of international level.

  • Translation of audio and video products

The Navigator translation agency provides services of translation and postscoring of video and audio products (videos, educational programs, documentary and feature films, trainings, audio recordings, etc.). After decoding of an audio track, text layout and its translation, we can professionally voice any material with the aid of professional narrators. Dubbing is performed at the facilities of our partner, Russian Central Studio for Documentary Films (RCSDF).


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