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A little history

According to the Holy Bible, long ago all mankind was a sole nation who spoke the same language. But people became arrogant and decided to build a tower to heaven. God was infuriated with this and he stopped the building and confused languages so that the people no longer could understand each other and could not continue construction. And they were forced to scatter throughout the earth. Since then, the people are disunited...

This is just a beautiful legend, but there's one thing beyond any doubt: without knowledge of languages we will not be able to understand each other, and therefore neither cultural, nor economic, nor political connections between different peoples and countries are possible. And what would we do without interpreters - people who help to find common bonds and words to build bridges between multilingual coasts - for the sake of international unity and understanding?

Group of Navigator companies creates quality translations, demonstrative design and colorful polygraphy printing, so that you could reach understanding, work out the optimal route of action and navigate through it.

Our company was born in 2005. Navigator was created by people who already had a decade of experience in the field of translation, desktop publishing, design and printing. It was originally a brotherhood of true pros who love their job.

Over the years since the birth of the company we tempered and strengthened the original spirit. In 2006, with growth in demand for translation services we not only held our position, but also expanded the range of specialized translation and its quality. 2008 was a year of recognition. Major and reputable manufacturers of electronics, automobiles and motorcycles, industrial manufacturers of thermal equipment of a wide range of application started working with us.

The raging crisis made us stronger. We are in demand and useful in spite of all the difficulties faced by the translation industry. Nowadays among us there are translators-engineers who are competent in subject areas for which we translate, desktop publishers, designers and printers who are able to meet most of your wishes and suggest the optimal solution.

Why we are better?

  1. We are very attentive to our customers.
  2. More than 10 years of experience.
  3. The final translation does not need editing and proof-reading by you. We guarantee its relevancy.
  4. Own personnel and production facilities.
  5. Good value for money.
  6. Individual approach to your needs.
  7. Faithful fulfillment of commitments.

NAVIGATION is a science of how to choose ways
and methods of controlling the movement of vessels,
aircraft and spacecraft.
Tasks of navigation: finding the optimal route.

The Great Soviet Encyclopedia