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Dear ladies and gentlemen, the Navigator company positions itself primarily as a translation organization, but, considering the needs of our customers, we began to provide services of making-up, designing technical and presentation materials, producing animated charts and flash-banners for placement in presentations and at Web-resources. In addition, we offer printing services.

We have combined the works from translation to printing in a single cycle!

Please note that the prices indicated in the price lists for translations, making-up and printing services are approximate.

In respect of the prices indicated in the price lists there is a flexible system of discounts. When you order for the first time, you get a 5% discount off the order amount. In case of placing an emergency order, please take into account that there is an extra charge for urgent translation.

Periodically, we conduct all sorts of events about which we report at our website.

In order to properly assess the value of your order, please contact our manager.


Price list for translation services

Price list for making-up services

Price list for printing services


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